Vitromics participates in the establishment of the Noord-Brabant Therapie-op-Maat Knowledge Institute (TOMi)

Vitromics participates in the establishment of the Noord-Brabants Therapie-op-Maat Knowledge Institute (TOMi). TOMi becomes a knowledge and direction body that focuses on the support and initiation of activities that lead to better care based on the therapy-on-measure principle. This will put the individual patient at the center of the care process. The focus is on tailored therapy on obtaining better outcome predictions at the start of therapy. Determining relevant characteristics of the individual patient plays a major role in this. In this area there are (inter) national many innovations and the TOMi focuses on accelerating the acceptance of these innovations in healthcare. With the foundation of TOMi, the life sciences forces of North Brabant (academia, business and hospital) are combined. Trough co-creation, the various projects will start in the coming months that contribute to tailor-made therapy for the individual patient. The TOMi founding process is directly supported by the Province of Noord-Brabant and the Brabant development company through the appointment of Tessa Fuhring-Holzhaus as a quartermaster of TOMi i.o.