Tim Kievits gives further shape to Therapy on Maat ambition

Tim Kievits departs from VitrOmics and from 1 January 2019, he will focus on Therapie Op Maat implementation in healthcare. First of all by contributing to the activities of the Noord-Brabant Therapie Op Maat institute (TOMi). In addition, he is working on a new customized Therapy company aimed at the hand-in-hand development of biomarkers and therapies instead of the traditionally more separate and sequentially executed development routes.

Implementation of Tailor-made Therapy leads to care choices that are defined from the individual patient. The care system with all its stakeholders, care paths and guidelines are supportive.

In the Netherlands we have one of the best healthcare systems in the world with quality-of-care institutions such as the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB), the Netherlands Healthcare Institute (ZIN), the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA) and the Health and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ).

In addition, many healthcare professionals and institutes (hospitals, GGZ institutions, etc.) are involved in health care improvement processes, encouraged by health insurers. These processes are often based on own insights or insights formulated from structuring methods or concepts such as Value Based Healthcare, Positive Health, Patient Empowerment and Shared Decision Making.

VitrOmics, where Tim Kievits leaves the position of director of care innovation, and her daughter PamGene are committed to innovation based on new molecular biological insights. This opens up the possibility to test for patient-specific enzyme activities with relevance for individual therapy choices. This fits well with the now increasingly used DNA analyzes. Tim Kievits continues these insights in a practical way in his start-up with synergy with his work in the public-private TOMi initiative aimed at rapid regional implementation of the possibilities of Therapie Op Maat.