Merck and AstraZeneca executives support tailor-made therapy

EU Reporter interviewed two top managers from AstraZeneca and Merck about the influence of tailor-made therapy on their companies.

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David Boyd, Director of European Government Affairs at AstraZeneca, accepted the 'Patient-centric Innovator' award at the first annual conference of the European Association for Personalized Medicine (EAPM). Boyd said "it's great for AstraZeneca to get recognition for her patient focus. The days of block-buster medications are over and 80% of the drugs in the AstraZeneca pipeline are now tailor-made therapies. For this new approach, the health care system must be shaken up so that the right medicines reach the right people at the right time. "

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Chris Round, Head of EMEA Region for Merck, said "that there are now better ways to work with patients so that there is optimal patient input into research and development. The use of biomarkers is one way to ensure that the right person gets the right medicine. This could sometimes lead to an increase in the price of a medicine, but the costs can also go down by preventing people being treated who will not have a positive effect of the medicine ". Round would like to see "a very strong policy that supports the development of tailor-made therapy. But it also supports an investment 'infrastructure' in diagnostic testing and the use of bio-markers. Patients and health insurers will benefit from the identification of useful bio-markers and the entire care system will become more efficient ".