Innovation in healthcare: read the two enlightening 2016 EU reports!

The two important EU reports from 2016 on innovation in health care, highly relevant for the future of tailor-made therapy and a recommendation for all parties active in this area, are: "Opportunities now: Europe's mission to innovate" and "Links between pharmaceutical R & D models and access to affordable medicines ". Respectively Robert Madelin and Brian Godman are the first author of these publications. A quote from the concluding section of both reports below.

"If we want to continue our innovation mission [in Europe], we must give lasting and substantial support to innovators. The political choice is how far we go as one of the sovereign providers of innovations in the world and how far we reduce our role to that of a needy user "- Madelin.

"Every patient in Europe has the right to access to healthcare. (...) To improve access to affordable medicines, we present possible policy options for new and existing medicines. These policy options are modeled on the best examples and analysis of specific measures from the practice of different European countries "- Godman.