Implementation Program 2018-2022 Innovation life sciences & health published

Regional developments in the field of customized therapy are included in the proposal innovation implementation program of the province of Noord-Brabant that has recently been published. Two program lines have been described on which the province will focus in the coming period:

A. Developing innovative clusters of activities by building on the internationally leading technology position of Brabant knowledge institutions and companies. These clusters use the province for the development and implementation of new healthcare solutions.

B. Healthcare innovations faster to the market and the patient: Creation of large-scale testing grounds together with care providers. SMEs can test, improve and implement their innovations here. And thereby accelerating activities and solutions for health care in Brabant.

In addition, the province is examining how lifetech and medtech (medical technology) companies can best connect to the existing business climate. She also checks whether new or adapted instruments are needed for this specific sector.

The establishment of the Therapy Op Maat Kennisinstituut (TOMi) is seen as a great opportunity for both care and activity in the province of Noord-Brabant.

Follow this link for the full text of the implementation program.

Tim Kievits can be reached trough this email address from 1 January. Operational VitrOmics activities are taken over by John Groten, the director of PamGene (email address).