Focus on tailor-made therapy at the Pivot Park

Two meetings with tailor-made therapy in focus were announced at the Pivot Park in Oss:

"Hightech meets Health - Precision Medicine" - On Thursday, June 15, 2017, LifetecZONe, BOM, Pivot Park, Therapy-on-Maat Knowledge Institute organize i.o. and Holland Innovative the ninth edition of HighTech meets Health at the Pivot Park in Oss. Various specialists in the field of Personalized Healthcare will present. For more information and registration:

Pivot Oncology Conference "Breakthroughs in precision cancer treatment" - on November 21, 2017 present a number of pioneers from the field of immuno-oncology during the celebration of the five-year anniversary of the conference. Tailor-made breakthroughs are discussed here both from the scientific and the business side. The companies located at the Pivot Park present the developments in their specific field of expertise in extra sessions. For more information and registration: