Floor therapy tailored NWA Route published

A government committee led by Prof. Stefan Sleijfer (NFU) and Ilse Custers (ZonMw) recently published a floor on the tailor-made therapy of the Dutch Science Agenda (NWA).

Personalized medicine is of great importance to both the individual and society and will contribute to less overtreatment and better effectiveness and efficiency of given interventions.

Personalized medicine (or 'precision medicine' or 'tailor-made therapy') plays a key role in the prevention or treatment of diseases on an individual basis. This concerns the possibility to determine the most successful treatment based on individual characteristics of a patient (such as genetic blueprint or expression of proteins) and/ or specific characteristics of the disease (eg mutations in a tumor). There are many factors that determine this most optimal approach that are often different for each individual and can often change in the course of life or illness. This concerns both the effectiveness of the treatment and the prevention of unwanted side effects.

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