Esophageal cancer study MORE started

The Leeuwarden Medical Center has started the MORE clinical study to investigate whether it is possible in the future to offer patients with esophageal cancer the option to opt out of an esophageal operation after radiotherapy. Patients treated according to the current guidelines according to the CROSS protocol are eligible to participate in this, for the time being, prospective MORE study. This research is consistent with the observation that in about one third of the patients treated in the CROSS protocol, the pathologist can no longer detect tumor cells in the esophageal preparations.

MORE stands for "Markers of Response to chemoradiation in Oesophageal cancer". This study was co-initiated by the patient association Zorgbelang Fryslân, the Erasmus Institute of Medical Technology Assessment, Vitromics and Stichting De Friesland. The Tumorgenetica Laboratory of the Radboud UMC will take care of the DNA analyzes. Upon successful completion of the study, in two to three years, the study will be extended with patients from UMC Groningen. The unique aspects of this study include the distinctive design of the molecular analyzes and the supervision by a broad multidisciplinary project team.
CROSS: chemoradio therapy followed by surgery.