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VitrOmics organizes the Personalised Medicine theme on DIA-Europe conference

maandag 03 maart 2014

Personalised medicine is for the first time selected as one of the themes for the European conference of the Drug Information Association which will take place this March the 25th-27th in Vienna. VitrOmics has been invited, as expert in this area, to organize a half day lecture programme. Four session topics have been defined, in collaboration with co-theme leader Dr Anna Bucsics who recently retired from the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions, covering the many facets of personalised medicine. Chairpersons as well as presenters are experts from the personalised medicine field. These sessions offer the opportunity to get up to speed with the current developments in personalised medicine field.

Session 1: translation of personalised medicine concepts, chaired by Dr Michael Z├╝hlsdorf (senior director Oncology, Global Head translational and Biomarker Research, Merck KGaA).

Session 2: from biomarkers to companion diagnostics with Dr Jens Grueger (Head Global Pricing & Market Access, F. Hoffmann-LaRoche, Division Pharma) as chairman.

Session 3: Health economic aspects of personalised medicine with Prof Brian Godman (Karolinska Institute, University of Strathclyde and Oswaldo Cruz Foundation) as chairman

Session 4: Societal perspective on personalised medicine, chaired by Dr Sabine Vogel (Head of the pharma team van de Austrian Health Institute).

This link directs to the programme overview with this sessions presenters and presentations, this link directs to the overall programme of the conference.